In the mix

My Dad was famous for his pancakes. How famous? Well, famous in our house, and that was famous enough for all of us. The pancake ritual was an important part of my growing up: my Dad was a firm believer in “silver dollar” pancakes — his were a little bigger than the coin in question, but not much — and so the first time, as a kid, I ordered pancakes in a diner and got a stack as wide as my face, well, it was quite a shock, I can tell you.
But what my Dad and the diner did have in common, I’m betting, was that they used pancake mix. My Dad certainly did: we were a Bisquick household and no mistake. This did not diminish the power of the ritual; and yet, now that I make my own pancakes, I never, ever use a mix. I’m sad that I haven’t been able to discuss this with my Dad, but I only started making pancakes after he was gone.

But this is not the place for my pancake recipe. We’ll get to that. What I’m trying to say is that I’m not a big fan of flour mixes: why pay more money for something that’s usually just as simple — and much cheaper — to make yourself?

And yet. Somehow, a browse on Ocado led me to Neill’s buttermilk scone mix. As if in a dream, I added a bag of the stuff to my order; and tried them out the other afternoon. Well! That was a big success. Husband is a serious scone-and-teacake aficionado: and pronounced the result a triumphs. But now the question is begged: could I replicate my triumph without the mix? Watch this space….