Collected and uncollected published and broadcast works:

  • New introduction to The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf, Vintage Classics, 2000
  • Sylvia Plath: Interrupted Lives edited by Andrew Motion, National Portrait Gallery, 2004
  • ‘The Great Bridge’ in The Reader 19, Autumn, 2005


  • ‘Glass’ in New Hope International, Vol 14, no. 3, 1990
  • ‘The Arrow’ in The TLS, March 4, 2005
  • ‘The Woman Who Was Afraid of Fire’ in New Writing 10, edited by Penelope Lively and George Szirtes, Picador, 2001
  • ‘Fra Angelico’s Annunciation’, ‘The Gift’, ‘Lessons’, ‘The Long Game’ in PNReview 157, May – June 2004
  • ‘how we have come to look like trees’, ‘the island’ in PNReview 168, March – April 2006
  • ‘Picnic’s Over’ in The TLS, September 29, 2006


  • Der Astronom, translated by Helmut Splinter (Goldman, Germany, 2000)

Ariel’s Gift
  • Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, translated by Tomasz Kunz (Wydawnictwo Literackie, Poland, 2004)
  • Sylvia e Ted, translated by Giorgia Sensi (La Tartaruga edizioni, Italy, 2004)

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4

  • ‘In Verona’ read by Juliet Prew, Verdi Centenary Stories (2001)
  • ‘The Bends’ read by Saira Todd (1997)
  • ‘Please Don’t’ read by Saira Todd (1997)
  • ‘Cecile’ read by Jonathan Keeble, Cartier-Bresson: Europeans (1998)
  • from Gravity: ‘Jamie’, ‘Stealing’ and ‘The Great Leonardo’, read by Nigel Anthony and Liza Ross (1997)
  • ‘Emily’s Bridge’ read by Lorelei King (The Watershed Partnership, 2000)
  • ‘Talking to Strangers’, part of On Stage at Cheltenham (2002)
  • ‘Nine Boys’ read by Fiona Shaw (The Watershed Partnership, 2006)